~ Dame Edna meets Cirque du Soleil ~

Vinyl Burns is a semi retired show business celebrity superstar and showman DJ. Vinyl performs a killer live show, jammed full of circus, live music, improvisation, standup comedy and charisma. He produces a weekly radio show & podcast, writes a (mostly) regular blog, has released several albums, often in conjunction with Otaki Airforce, and has a hundred or so music videos, sketches, live shows and sketches available online... Some are below, the rest are here. 

Everybody Loves Him...
...and that's not even his demographic!

Vinyl Burns is on Facebook, as is Vinyl's Band and Vinyl's DJing gubbins.

He also tweets on Twitter as @vinylburns

The long awaited music video for Vinyl Burns' runaway Christmas singalong hit - Christmas Bones. It's almost 100% art. Even the bit in the middle is 100% art.

Vinyl Burns on The Tape Face Tapes (BBC 3) as "Management"

Vinyl Burns has a generous selection of short films available for your enjoyment online...

Expert Texas Hold'em Poker Tutorials [HERE]
Vinyl Burns - Water Safety [HERE]
Vinyl Burns in Otaki [HERE]
Vinyl Burns drinks 4 litres of milk - world record [HERE]
Vinyl Burns - Traditional New Zealand BBQ [HERE]
Galaxia Trailer featuring Vinyl Burns as Lord Jerkov [HERE]
Sexual Horizons seminars: [HERE]
Sleep Talking : [HERE]

Another multi-debuting solid gold smash hit video single from the album "I can't stop forgetting again", it's Vinyl Burns and the Flavour of yesterday with "Medieval Times"
The new hit video single "Like a lion" from Vinyl Burns and the Flavour of Yesterday...
Dangerous pumping beats and electric language makes Vinyl Burns the most compelling new wave beat poet since Javneck Frost.
Vinyl Burns and the flavour of yesterday have done it once again... a critically acclaimed smash hit single, heralded as a world changing composition that may bring about an end to tensions in the Middle East and offers an alternative to the often blunt and ineffective western taxation system.
Vinyl and Ernesto Fuego, unwinding and chatting over a glass of red and a vibe of money
Vinyl Burns' Hot House Garage Cranking Drop-Tone Classic from way way back in 2008. Farty beats and chiseled oonst perpetually inviting the always present question: where is sound? Camera Operator: Paul Shelley - Redbird Jr.

Listen here, to Vinyl's fun cousin Steve Windsock hosting the KRAM66 Kathleen Edwards Super Hour.  It's fast and furious.

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Vinyl Burns' Christmas Single
Out Now!

"Vinyl Burns' Christmas Bones, Tune of the week... Bigger than Lorde in 4 days flat"
- DJ Redbird Jr. - Radioactive.fm

I Can't Stop Forgetting Again  

Vinyl's Album, Out Now On iTunes  

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